Carnival Cruise

In the winter of 2014-1015 I was employed by a company of amazingly talented engineers out of Seattle called "Level 11" who were contracted by Carnival Cruise to work on developing the "cruise ship of the 21st century"... I was brought in originally to help with presentation material to help sell the project. We succeeded with that and then in the first quarter of 2016 I was contracted to help with technical process development, specifically with respect to "wayfinding" or 3D maps on a cruise ship. The tricky bit was to integrate 3D models with a realtime, interactive UI running in a browser - essentially, Javascript. I built 3D models in Maya, developed a process to integrate these models in a modular format to a web browser based system that was embedded into the Carnival UI. There were a ton of renderer based issues revolving around transparency and interactivity. I was not involved in the UI design much as that was primarily up to a company called Matter with help from a company called Karass.

A render from Maya (not the final version)
I created a set of prototypes to allow us to see what the model might look like when rendered in a browser. One test was to see if we could create the tricky black outlines on a translucent object. These are some of the tests I made for the project. I built the model in Maya and wrote the javascript browser code to render and interact with these prototypes.
Rendered in realtime in a browser
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