Hi I'm James Mahoney. I'm a digital artist with a background in architecture and animation. I teach digital design and interactive art in the computer science department at Dartmouth. I also do a quite a bit of studio art and some contracting. I love working with other people in small teams and working hard to come up with novel and interesting solutions to problems. I'm most interested in the space where art and design meet code. I've been a digital art user and tool builder since the 1980s. I feel very fortunate to be working in this super exciting time at the confluence of art and technology and I'm always looking for something fun to work on. If you are interested in talking to me about a project please feel free to contact me and who knows maybe we'll make something cool together. 
If you want a more detailed view of my background and experience please check out my linked in profile at Mahoney Linkedin profile link...
Thanks for stopping by!

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