This was a solo show at the Patricia Correia Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. The show received the LA Weekly, "Art Pick of the Week".
This was the main piece in the show. It took me a few years to make. It was an early example of what is now called projection mapping. An algorithm or program is running on a nearby computer and it's projecting a never ending animation onto 3 floating plexiglass planes. The plexiglass has been prepared with surfaces such as wax, epoxy resin and vellum that transmit and reflect light in various ways. All these shapes and surfaces have been mapped such that the software knows where things are and uses that to great effect. The code created three asynchronous cycles to create resulting animations based on these parameters. One parameter was for abstraction vs. a recognizable face, another was for "energy" and another was for "valence"... So sometimes it looked like a happy persons face/head and other times it might look like a brooding abstraction. It was very three dimensional.
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